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General Practitioner (Huisarts) services
The GP (huisarts) is the main point of contact within health-services in the Netherlands.
The GP is a specialist in general medicine / primary care. He or she deals with a whole range of health problems: examination and treatment of acute and chronic diseases, perform simple surgical operations, referrals to hospitals and other (mental) health and social services. The GP is also the gatekeeper to the hospital system.
Your GP is part of the team of Schoterpoort medical centre, which includes healthcare assistants, practice nurses, mental health workers and other staff. We work closely with hospitals and other health care professionals: physical therapists, midwives, mental health and social care services. The GP has direct access to many diagnostic services, like imaging technology (X-ray, ultrasound), laboratory, cardiac and pulmonary tests.

Opening times practice and telephone
Monday – Friday 08.00 am – 05.00 pm.

GP consultation hours
Morning and afternoon. Once weekly from 07.30 am and/or till 07.00 pm .

Online facilities portal website
- E mail consultation
- Online appointment booking
- Order or repeat prescriptions

Healthcare assistants and practice nurses
Our assistants and practice nurses have their own consultations: monitoring Diabetes, COPD,  hypertension, and risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. Treatment of warts, wounds, injections. PAP tests for cervical cancer screening, ECG, ambulant blood pressure monitoring, cardiac event recorder, pulmonary function test.

Mental health workers
Mild mental health problems can be treated by the GP or by our two general practice mental health workers. They can offer you online counselling (e-health) as well.

 GP Consultations
When you need to see a doctor or other health professional, you have to make an appointment. The assistant will ask some details about your request for help, so they can plan your consultation properly.

First aid (minor injuries) and emergencies
Immediate help is available. Please call us (menu option 1 “spoedgevallen”) before you come to the practice. If necessary, we visit you at home immediately or we send an ambulance. Life-threatening situations: call 112.

Home visit
The GP will visit you at home if he or she thinks that your medical condition requires it.

Telephone consultations
If you phone the practice and wish to speak to your GP, the assistant will take a message and inform the doctor. He or she will call you back later. Sometimes, the assistant or doctor may ask you to make an appointment to come to the practice, if in their opinion a telephone consultation is inappropriate to deal with your problem.

Repeat prescriptions (24/7)
To order repeat prescriptions by phone: dial the practice phone number, choose menu option 2 or use the online service of the website The medication is available at your own pharmacy after two working days.

Out of hours services
If you need to see a doctor out of normal office hours, you will be directed to the out of hours GP service Huisarts/Spoedpost. Call (023) 224 25 26.  Address: Hospital Spaarne Gasthuis North (Noord) Vondelweg 999 and South (Zuid) Boerhaavelaan 22 

Doctor off duty
When your own doctor is off duty (holiday, GP training etc), one of the other doctors of Schoterpoort medical centre will help you.

Telephone numbers Schoterpoort Huisartsen

P.H. de Groof     023 – 525 43 02
C.A.M. Limmen   023 – 525 54.03
C.M. Oidtmann    023 – 525 62 31
C. J. Sikkel        023 – 525 33 04

General telephone number: 023 - 541 03  45

General fax number:         023 - 525 69 22

E mail:

Option 1 of the telephone menu is only for emergencies (working days 8 am – 5 pm).

Emergency number 112
In case of life-threatening medical emergencies : call 112 and ask for an ambulance

Out of hours GP / huisartsen service, only for urgent medical problems: Huisartsen/Spoedpost (023) 224 25 26
2 Locations: Hospital Spaarne Gasthuis location Haarlem Noord  address Vondelweg 999, 2026 BW Haarlem  or Hospital Spaarne Gasthuis Haarlem Zuid, address Boerhaavelaan 22 2035 RC Haarlem